Risk Disclosure

Risk Dislosure

Trading on Margin contains high risk and your losses may exceed your initial investment.
Please read the complete risk warning carefully before you open an account. We insist that you also view the risk statement for transaction execution at any time during the transaction.
I. DUP's foreign exchange and CFDs are margin trading products. This means that the product is highly risky compared to other types of investments and may cause losses to exceed initial investment amount. We follow the legal basis set in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
II. Margin trading is carried out through the price fluctuation of the commodity, using the difference between the opening price of the transaction and the closing price of the transaction. When the trade is closed, the difference between the opening price and closing price in proportion with the trade size is exchanged. This difference may be settled in terms of different currencies which means that your profit or loss may be affected by fluctuations in foreign exchange rates
III. You should not engage in any margin trading unless you fully understand all of the potential risks involved and have sufficient resources. Because the market may not change as you initially expect, movements in unanticipated directions can cause you to incur losses. You will be responsible for losses caused by the transaction.
IV. Margin trading utilizes high amounts of leverage, meaning that only a small amount of money deposited can participate in transactions using much larger amounts of capital. If the price moves in a favorable direction, you will realize profit. However, even a small reverse in price movement may cause you greater losses, and you may need to immediately add funds to your account in order to maintain your open position. If you want to close an open position, you will be responsible for any loss incurred during the process. The potential profit or loss of a margin transaction may be significant, so you need to carefully consider the situation when making a trade decision.
V. Not all products can be traded on a 24 hour basis, many goods and markets have a strict opening and closing time. Many transactions also have a strict opening and closing time, and this time may change. We are committed to keeping our information up to date and can be viewed on the Market Information Sheet (MIS), but there could be instances where it is inaccurate and DUP is not responsible for inaccuracies present. For example, certain holidays and the changing of time periods during the changing of the seasons will affect your transaction time. Some markets may be stopped for many different reasons. During such periods of time, you cannot make transactions.
The trades you make with us will be at the prices that we offer, not at the price of the official exchange. The prices that we offer are based on the official exchange, but they depend on many variables and may vary depending on fluctuations of those factors. This can cause the prices to differ. All transactions are closed and cleared with us using our prices.
VI. DUP provides and independent capital account for retail customers. When the client opens a position in the market, DUP reserves the right to use part or all of their funds. In any case, even a segregated independent capital account cannot provide absolute protection. All customer funds are protected by following the regulations put forth by relative governmental regulatory entities for customer funds. Unless otherwise stated, customer funds are guaranteed by the amount mandated by law according to the relevant regulatory agency in financial compensation (see deposit / withdrawal / balance provisions for details).
VII. If you have any questions about any aspects of foreign exchange and CFDs, we advise you to seek independent professional assistance and advice before trading.
VIII. If you intend to participate in transactions involving the stock of your own company, please consult the relevant legal personnel before you partake in a transaction to insure that you do not violate supervisory regulations.
IX. Trading on Margin is not intended or suitable for replacing current or traditional investment methods, and it is not necessarily suitable for every investor.
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